Introduction to Information Extraction from the Web

Just recently, with Mohammed Quafafou, we gave a talk at the ENSIAS in Rabat, Morroco to present “Information Extraction from the Web” (the topic of my thesis). This research topic is about building web scrapper using machine learning algorithms. In particular, supervised learning algorithms are used, but information extraction from the web is also a very nice example where interactive learning is of very high interest.

Below the slides of my part of the talk in two parts.

[slideshare id=23608464&doc=2013-06-ensias-rabat-ie-scope-130628030147-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=23608185&doc=2013-06-ensias-rabat-ie-alg-130628025100-phpapp01]

I would like to thank warmly Mohammed Quafafou having suggested my name and Mohammed Erradi, associate director of the ENSIAS for inviting and welcoming me to present in front of his students.

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