Feedback from a startup experience in collaboration with academia

The following slides and video were presented during a work shop on “Workshop on Academic-Industrial Collaborations for Recommender Systems” organized by Mendeley

It gives a historical view of what how 109Lab evolved from its begining in the summer of 2012 to its ending in the begining of 2013. I also end up giving some lessons we learned which amazingly fit with those of one of my associates Laurent given in his blog entry “La fin de 109Lab“.

My conclusion is that through this experience we learned alot. And often we obtain a much better understanding of somehting by experience than when we are told. Therefore, even though this time we did not end in a blazing, fire-cracking success, was still really worth it by what we learned. And maybe the firecrackers will be for next time… we never know !!

[slideshare id=24378263&doc=20130710-mendeley-130718061838-phpapp02]

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