Professional Experience

SIX Group AG

Senior Software Developer

2019 – now

I am currently working as a Senior Software Developer at SIX for the Financial Information division.


CEO and Founder

2014 – now

I am the founder and owner of Boot-Start and IT development company based in Lyon, France.




2013 – 2014

My main activity was working on the EU-funded EEXCESS project. The project’s objective is to push the fine-grained content contained in partner data collection to the proper user’s. This is expected to be done through heavy user-profiling. Within the INSA of Lyon, we are working on the difficult task of ensuring the best trade-offs between user privacy and content recommendation quality.


Habegger IT Services


2010 – 2015

For some time I did some freelance work in parallel of my other activities. Within this scope, I have worked as both a data integration and search expert. For example, I have worked for a telco company in collecting and aggregating antenna data and setup an ElasticSearch instance, for online music service. I am currently looking into expanding this activity by creating a team with strong links with researches.



Co-founder, Technical & Scientific Officer

2010 – 2013

Starting on the summer of 2010 with Laurent Assouad and Bastien Marot, we launched 109Lab, a startup based in Lyon providing the technology to collect, index and render our constantly incready flow of digital memories (pictures, videos, etc.). After two years and setting up two web services (Blaboum and OhMyToast), we decided to put and end to 109Lab, mainly due to lack of funding. This was a great experience and allowed us to develop a broad network, particularly in the Lyon area.


Nirva Systems

Software Developer and Application Architect

2006 – 2010

From august 2006 to may 2010, I worked for Nirva Systems Ltd. as a software application architect. Nirva Systems proposes a service-oriented application integration platform particularly targeted towards document processes. In particular, I was the lead designer and developper of Nirva’s production chain traceability solution “Track & Trace”. This applications allows to decouple the traceablity solution from the different sources which contribute information. I also heavily participated in the technical specifications of Nirva’s “Post On Demand” (POD) solution. POD is a highly distributed application allowing the end-users to virutally “print” documents. The printed documents can then be sent to different output channels such as industrial printing and posting, email, fax, etc. Within my job at Nirva, I had the opportunity to discover most of the jobs related to software: pre-sales, architecture, research and development, team management and client support.


Università di Roma 1

Computer Science Post doctoral fellow


From december 2005 to august 2006 I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica of the Università di Roma 1 “La Sapienza”.
One aspect I was working on is using relational machine learning for data integration. This work has been presented in the EMOI workshop organized the INTEROP Network of Excellence. The objective of this work was to provide the QuOnto system with a mapping
construction tool.
Furthermore, I also participated in the OntoPIM project of the DELOS Network of Excellence. In this work we were interested in modeling and and infering definitions of the tasks of desktop computer user. The target objective was to enable partial (if not full) automation of a user’s tasks.


INRIA Mostrare / Université Lille 3

Computer Science Postdoctoral Fellow


From september 2004 to september 2005, as a temporary research and teaching assistant (ATER) at the University Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3, I joined the Grappa research team and am working in collaboration with the INRIA MOSTRARE project. There I worked on the problem of generalizing tree patterns (closely related to XPath). The main application towards which this work is directed is to extract information using tree patterns. However, the generalization technique should be adaptable to allow for structural classification and/or clustering or other applications.


Université de Nantes

Computer Science Phd Candidate

2000 – 2004

From september 2000 to september 2004 I prepared my thesis at the Laboratoire d’informatique de Nantes Atlantique (LINA).
My research has lead to an information extraction method allowing to build wrappers giving a handful of example instances of a relation to extract from the source. Further more we have developed the WebSource framework allowing automating the navigation and extraction of information from the web. In particular, the framework allows to define an automatic access to web sites providing a query form and presenting results in lists of pages.
I obtained my Phd Degree from the University of Nantes on December 20, 2004.

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