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We’re launching BootStart

Vote For Us !! Here we go ! We’re launching BootStart and you can help us. BootStart provides entrepreneurs with a highly qualified tech team capable of taking care of the operational aspects of their project. We are currently candidating to integrate the BoostInLyon acceleration program and you can help …

Atelier Objets Connectés

Un atelier de découverte du materiel permettant de créer des objets connectés s’organise sur Lyon. C’est gratuit et c’est ludique. Alors venez y faire un tour. Toutes les infos sont sur les site

Semantic Web: Stop the format war !!

To me, there’s a lot of confusion out there about what the “Semantic Web” is really about. Recently, I participated in a debate on whether to use JSON or RDF/XML within a project I’m working on. Arguments were rather at the format level (e.g. verbosity of XML/RDF). There was also …

JSON or XML ? Both, use json-n-xml

Both XML and JSON are widely spread data formats with both their pros and cons. That’s why I decided to write and put on GitHub json-n-xml, a library which allows switching from one format to the other (bi-directionnally). With it, you can build a DOM of a JSON and query …