About Me


I have been in computer science and software engineering for a long time now. I fell into computers, internet and the web around the age of twelve. Since then computers and their capabilities.

I have dual background as both a researcher with a Phd in my pocket and a software architect, 6+ years of experience as such. I have many specialties among which all that is related to data processing, search engines, recommendation engines, data analytics (whether big or small it can always get tough to make it talk), and more. I also have a growing interest for internet of things.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, I am interested in making software solving real people’s problems (not just tech for tech). Complex technology can be useful and change our lives if done well but is not necessarily always the answer. (We don’t know what will be the outcome of the current big buzz word “Big Data”, but tomorrow it may just confirm things we already know or very highly suppose today, and not get us more advanced…). But there are cases where existing technological solutions or scientific know-how are highly underused. That’s my sweet spot: empowering existing business needs with technology capable of bringing those needs with a better response. After a first startup experience, I strongly believe in a lean business development. I offer my services to startups as a freelance to help build their services in such a way, putting hi-level tech only where it makes a real difference and keeping the rest simple. I am working on a project in which,  we bring startups the right level of tech for the right needs… but more soon.

As a developer, I am not a language fanatic as I have worked with many programming languages in the past: JavaOcaml, C++, Perl, Javascript, XLST (yes its a programming language and I learned early stage reading the W3C specification), Pascal, CLisp, PrologLaTeX, some Python (I even taught it at a low level)… At some point the language is just a means not a competency in itself, the competency being knowing how to program in complex environments (tough multi-threaded distributed algorithms). I do have mostly worked with Java recently as the Apache Foundation has produced and increadible amount of quality software on that language/platform. I am particularly fan of Apache Camel and ElasticSearch (and Apache Lucene behind it).

During my time in Lyon, I have been an active member of the eco-system there and have actively taken part in the organization of different events:

I am currently working as a senior software developer for SIX Group in their Biel offices. I am also the founder and owner of Boot-Start to help startups in developing  the software behind their products and services.